Sunday, June 20, 2010

2010 Zumbrota Parade

Yep, another parade over and done with.  This one is really nice because it is in the evening and it is on Saturday (leaving a recover day on Sunday).  This year we had lots of participation:  Julianna, Shayla, Amanda, Alyssa, Emily, Sam, Janet, Penguin, Nancy, Leslie, Jeanie, Jim, Jacob, Christopher, Conor, Catherine, Jenna, Mike and "Mike's Friend" (never did catch his name). 

Mike and Friend pulled the wagon, Leslie rode DeeDee, Julianna rode Lilly, Janet for Chocolate with sidewalkers Shayla, Amanda and Emily, Nancy rode Hannah, Jenna rode her own horse Phoenix, Penguin was helping in the front, Sam was helping in the back, Alyssa/Conor/Catherine threw candy, Jacob/Christopher/Jeanie/Jim rode in the wagon. 

Beautiful weather + great horses + great volunteers = great parade!   (everybody thought DeeDee was the prettiest, of course, because she is). 

Waiting to leave the farm

Still waiting....
On the road
Saddle up!
Hannah and Nancy waiting for parade to start.
Penguin telling a story that DeeDee doesn't quit believe (see her raised eyebrow?)

Jenna, Phoenix, Nancy and Hannah as flag bearers.

Leslie and DeeDee waiting for the parade.

Waiting, but moving (see Penguin rocking out to the marching band?).
Fjord-eye view of the parade.

Our great fan, Betty!

Ready to go home (Chocolate is hogging the trailer, Lilly is whining that Chocolate is touching her and are we there yet and I'm hungry).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pine Island Cheese Fest Parade

A quick post regarding the parade this last Sunday.  I just got back from vacation the day before and ran out to PI at noon.  The horses where there and ready for a parade!  I lead the polka-dotted pony (good job, Julianna...everybody loved the spotted pony).  Long time on my feet, but everybody did great and we had fun and there were no stray-dogs-going-for-Travis incidences.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Barn Dance with special contributor Penguin

Here is a late post about the barn dance (sorry, I was out of town), contributed by my favorite flightless fowl, Penguin!

June 5th a perfect day a day to be outside, enjoy the weather, be with horses and have fun with friends. Great day for a RideAbility barn dance! What is a barn dance you may ask. Well its a day where we give horse rides, have wagon rides, silent auction goes on, raffle, food, and end with a live band. It's one of the funnest fundraiser of the year. The chaos for the volunteers began back on Thursday night getting some stuff set up after horse exercise.but the real craziness started at 11am on that hot and humid Saturday. From the typical things of getting food out out to getting horses ready to handling unexpected things the volunteers worked really hard that morning. Before i a go on a big thank you to all the volunteers that made the barn dance possible. after all our crazy madness of getting stuff set up we were almost done and it was almost 3pm, time for the fun to be had, mother nature decided to through us a curve ball. It started to rain and rain and rain for as far as you could see all that u could see was dark clouds. Now this rain likely scared off many people from having fun but a lot of people did come out and had loads of fun. Our plans got changed a little to us having to do horse rides in our now even smaller indoor arena and the hay wagon got canceled. But luckily we had gotten a mule team with a covered wagon so people could still enjoy the wagon ride in the rain. The horse rides ended at 5pm with lots of people getting to ride there favorite horses. People really enjoyed the silent auction items and food. After the horses had been taken care of the live band began to play. All in all a very fun filled long day even if it was raining.