Saturday, July 31, 2010

Horse on a Wire

Our little girl Merit got her chin in some trouble!  Somehow she got a long, straight, thin wire in her chin (from base almost all the way to her soft palete).  Of course, we didn't know that, we only knew that it was swollen and pus-filled and painful.  Mary and I drove her up to the UofM Vet School for some x-rays.  They found the wire and used ultra-sound to get the wire out.  The Vet was pretty excited when they found the wire, as it made it a lot easier to treat.  Merit stayed overnight and Katie, Janet and Penguin brought her back the next day.  For the next two weeks, Janet, Katie and I treated her boo-boo with syringes of water, vaseline and Swat.  Her two weeks of fixing-up is over and she is healing great.  No more open sore and just a little swelling that we will keep an eye on.  Pictures (awkward taking pictures of a horse's jaw...they aren't as cooperative as one would like):

7/13 - All wrapped up

Trying not to fall asleep
Ok, I'm sleeping.

They find me fascinating, of course.
Yikes, I'm swollen.

I'm glad I'm asleep for this part -- it is a metal rod being jammed into my booboo.
And wiggled around.

Discussing my awesomeness.
More awesomeness discussing.



7/29/2010 - almost healed, just a little swollen

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thursday Fun Night

My" Thursday night horse exercise team has been doing such a great job, I thought it was time for a fun night! 

We had pizza, played some games, "won" ribbons and ate Julianna's awesome cake (although on the drive home she said she wouldn't/couldn't guarantee no food poisoning!). 

We did some barrel "racing", egg & spoon and a sensory trail/memory game (hmmm, the success of this game was sketchy, we will have to figure out how to make this game a little better).  I think/hope everyone had fun.  They said they did.  They looked like they did!

Thanks to the whole team, those that were at fun night and those that couldn't make it.  We couldn't take care of these horses and facility without you!

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