Sunday, February 13, 2011

In which we have decided to thaw our fingers for a blogpost

Hello friends!

Is that spring I smell in the air?  Thoughts of mud and muck and "where did I put my rubber boots" are filling our heads! 

We have had a cold and snowy winter, which has meant a hit or miss Thursday Night Horse Exercise.  Sometimes we make it, sometimes we don't!  Why does it seem like 9 degrees is tolerable if it is daylight, but 9 degrees is intolerable at night? 

Of course, nothing warms you up like riding bareback on a big fuzzy creature!  Don't I look positively sweaty?? 

That is Soleil, by the way.  She is a BIG fuzzy creature this winter.  She also gets the biggest ice balls in her hooves (which are already the size of dinner plates). 

Jeanie, Nancy and I went to the RT Autism fundraiser a few weeks to give our support and do a little schmoozing.  Doc from the Love Boat was the headliner (yeah, he wore the uniform).  I'm supposed to get a picture that I paid $10 for to have Jeanie and Nancy pose with the guy, but I haven't seen it yet.  Here is a fuzzy photo of the three of us all cleaned up and ready for public viewing:

I would include The Fjord Report in this blog, but I haven't heard much about the girls, which means that they aren't running Katie ragged or plowing through her fences or generally causing havoc on her farm.  No new is good news!  Right?  Right?  My favorite flightless fowl and her mother did go and visit at least once.  I hope she doesn't mind that I borrowed this picture from Facebook.

We did have a nice Thursday Night Exercise Saturday Inside day at my house where some of our regular, diehard Thursday Nighters came over for pizza and horse movies (really, they need to start making horse movies where the dumb teenage girls wear helmets....just ask....I was yelling at those dumb movie girls....almost like in real life!).  [This photo is NOT of dumb teenage girls that don't wear helmets.....these are super smart girls that wear their helmets!]

Classes begin again in a few months.  Can you believe it?  Seems like just a few weeks ago we were running around playing musical chairs and egg and the spoon and bobbing for apples. 

There are lots of fun things planned for the upcoming season to help our clients and spread the word of RideAbility greatness!  Keep an eye on your email for more information that will start showing up in your inbox. 

Wishing for spring.....