Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer is over and Fall is here

I have been so negligent with posting, but today's torrential rain which has caused a State of Emergency for Pine Island, I now have a good opportunity to get this updated.

Let's see....what has happened since 7/31/10 (my last post).

Summer classes finished up in August.  We were all ready.  As much as we all love the program, summer can seem really long by, sweaty, stinky, we all get on each other's nerves.  We had a nice break between the summer session and the fall adult class session which started a few weeks ago.

Our summer Barn Managers are gone.  Sam got some good hugs before he left.  All the ladies are missing Sam!

We had a great Volunteer Appreciation Night that was graciously hosted by Dawn and her family.  She has a lovely place (and is hosting Sundae for the winter).  Thanks, Dawn!

One of the two Volunteers of the Year

Jr Volunteer of the Year

We also had a fun night with Owatonna Park&Rec.  JennaB Jr. gave each person a ride in the pony cart (good Rainy Moon), there were horseback rides on the sensory trail and the world-famous RA hotdogs!

We had our ever popular student horse show.  I was pretty busy running around so only got some pictures of the Balloon Horse Race. 

Yes, a few of the horse balloons ended up in trees and the top of the Barn.

So, we ended summer with a BANG.  As we ease into Fall and the "quiet" (cold) season, we have lots of great memories from this summer from our many great adventures!