Saturday, September 24, 2011

Douglas Trail RideAthon

Today we had RideAthon #2 on the Douglas Trail (hopefully someone will submit a post for RideAthon #1 which I didn't attend).

It was a nice cool day. Nancy, Dorie and I decided to ride our horses from the Barn to the New Haven Bridge and meet the trailerers there.

It was such a lovely ride even with the barking dogs and scary signs (Soleil is so smart....she's afraid of "Warning" signs). As we were approaching the paved road leading to the bridge, we saw the wagon drive by. So our timing was impeccable!

We met up with the trailer as they were just finishing. Jeanie, Jim, Pamela and Courtni (sorry if I spelled it wrong) rode Jewell, Fancy, Maxi and Sundae. Courtni gets extra points for ride that wonky pony!!

We rode to a picnic bench and ate some lunch. We then all decided to ride back to the barn and pick up the trailer later.

It was a long road ride but fun as always when you have fun people, great horses and fine weather.

We were all tired and sore and thirsty!

Unfortunately the Blogger phone app doesn't load pictures in order.

Next week: Leslie and Pam go camping and riding. Watch out!

Until we meet again!!!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Busy Summer!

It has been awhile! Since the last entry, we have had: spring classes, a barn dance, Pine Island parade, Pony Up at Rochester Feed & Country Store, pony rides at Olmsted County Fair, a few training sessions with Travis Bruce, A NEW OUTDOOR ARENA courtesy of Lena Sparks 4H Club, volunteer appreciation night (congrats to volunteer of the year Jen)....and more I probably forgot.


But we still have: another Pony Up (9/10), Student horse show (9/11), fall classes (starting 9/12), RideAThons, fall cleanup.