Sunday, November 21, 2010

The beginning of long cold winter

Although the end of class season means a slow down and generalized horse laziness, we are trying our best to at least REMIND the beasts what their purpose is.  If it isn't too cold....or dark....or windy....or snowy.... or icy.

RideAbility is pretty lucky to have great supporters who take some of the horses home for the winter:  Ginger gets to hang out at Val's; Sundae is making herself useful I'm sure at Dawn's; Dee and Merit are testing Katie's fencing skills.  We are so grateful to you for your help.

Merit and Hannah are both feeling pretty darn good after their medical issues of late.  Hannah is AWESOME and even trots and canters.  Merit is back to her sassy self.  She will definitely need some remedial work next summer because she is like a naughty teenager (and considering the two volunteers who work with her the most are naughty teenagers, we may all be doomed....j/k Penguin and Alex).

The Ride-a-thon this year did great and we got a nice matching fund from Thrivent!  There were lots of riders and opportunities to ride which is great for the horses and for the volunteers.

So, as we cover ourselves in flannel and fleece and canvas and hats and mittens and scarves and  we (I) whine about how cold it is, we will trudge out on Thursdays, weather permitting, to hang out with our friends Travis and Zorrian and Hannah and Chocolate and Soleil and Lilly and Faylick and Jewel and Rainy Moon (who'd I forget???). 

You're welcome to join us.... just don't whine any louder than me about how cold it is!